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Hi there and welcome to my page! I am an Italian creative and multidisciplinary designer with a solid artistic background, experience and a love for good design allowing me to move between graphic, stationery and web design. I have worked with clients directly and within agencies to design a broad range of print/online marketing and advertising collateral. Through these interactions I have had the opportunity to work closely with clients, understand their ideas and translate their briefs into a visual reality. I approach every project as a unique and special endeavor, aiming to develop a different style and feel for each project. I was lucky enough to live and work in Paris, Venice, Seattle and Sydney, where I have increased my experience and the passion for what I do. At the moment, I am handling projects between Italy and Indonesia. Thanks for stopping by!

My Skills

  • Illustrator99%
  • Photoshop99%
  • Indesign99%
  • HTML & CSS 65%
  • Fireworks 80%
  • Dreamweaver 70%
  • Lightroom 80%
  • Flash 50%

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My Work

I am a paper & web lover with a strong passion for stationery design. I seek the prettiest items from all around the planet to add them to my collection. I currently design notebooks and journals and absolutely love it! Firstly, I draft a design of the booklets in my home town in Italy and then I supervise the production which takes place in Indonesia. Below are some of my latest projects in all graphic fields.



Design and Development Workflow

  • Strategy


    I approach every project’s opportunity through design research and analysis. I look at the target groups, market position, competitors and the client's value proposition.

 This data defines the direction of the project and established the itinerary that ensures an effective solution.

  • Planning


    My design process starts with a plan and a ‘to do’ list. This helps me create the drafts and respects the client’s investment of time. I communicate clear, simple, centered messages – not indulgent self-expression or decorative.

  • Develop


    The best part! I design websites, flyers, magazines, apps, brochures, social media content, packaging, stationery... and much more. I apply my skills across any channel – print, digital or live – to provide an end-to-end service.

  • Deliver


    When the project is for paper purposes, seeing the last step of the work is always exiting and I love when I have the possibility to try to achieve different paper effects with finishing. Web is interesting and I like that interactive-part. When everything is ready, I deliver the work to the client and I make sure he is satisfied with the finished product.



Francesca on Behance

Behance is the best tool to display portfolios and interact with other all-field designers. Explore other people's work impart knowledge, improve my work and keep me up to date with trends.

Theme Launch


Cartesiani is the first Italian blog entirely dedicated to the Information Design. Nicola, Marco and I work with passion in order to produce pretty visualizations of the data.

Inspirations on Pinterest

Pinterest helps me to find work and personal inspiration. It is one of my favourite social ever.

Contact Details

  • Skype address. francesca.gavagnin

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