I am a paper & web lover with a strong passion for stationery design. I seek the prettiest items from all around the planet to add them to my collection. I currently design notebooks and journals and absolutely love it!
Firstly, I draft a design of the booklets in my home town in Italy and then I supervise the production which takes place in Indonesia.

I built a solid artistic background obtained in years of Art schools. I have worked for 11+ years with clients directly, within agencies and companies to design a broad range of print/online marketing, stationery and advertising collateral.

I was lucky enough to work in Paris, Venice, Seattle and Sydney, where I have increased my experience and the passion for what I do.
Currently, I am handling design projects between Italy and Indonesia.

My skills:

Illustrator 99%
Photoshop 99%
Indesign 99%
Lightroom 70%
Fireworks 60%
I am specialized in art direction, stationery, pattern design & product development.
Additionally, and aside from graphic design, I have been responsible for the development of client participation at International Fair organisations all over Europe.