I’ve opened a store on Society 6

What is Society 6?

Society 6 is an online marketplace that promotes artists and designers to make their graphics available for sale as a range of different items.

The concept is unique and inspiring: people for all around the world can find the voice and the opportunity to display their work and make them purchasable.

I got enthusiast about the chance to see my artworks “made real”, therefore I’ve thought: why couldn’t I sell my graphics throughout this platform?

Tote bags, pouches and home decors are my favorites! And Society 6 realize them quite well. Accessories, computer collaterals, mobile cases and many other items are also available.

If you’d like to have a look at my digital store, you can have a look at the link here below:

My store

Hope you’ll like it and any suggestions are very welcome.

With much gratitude,

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